Noble Crafthouse is primarily a space for contemporary makers to engage in the emerging craft economy.  While the majority of modern maker spaces are tech-based and most residencies are fine arts focused, Noble Crafthouse offers a workspace for makers who fall outside of the traditional arts and crafts, such as those pursuing handmade businesses on platforms like Etsy.  


  • Offer a space for contemporary makers and artists to prototype, develop and/or produce their designs
  • Provide a short-term live/work space so makers/designers/artists can fully engage with their creativity, away from their home or place of business
  • Offer practical business mentorship (i.e. preparing for a craft fair, developing a line sheet, approaching retailers)
  • Provide a space for makers to take or teach workshops in order to foster learning and skill-sharing in the handmade community


Michelle Galletta (Kiriki Press), Owner

Fionna Hanna (Fionna Hanna), Studio Member

Steph Hung (Happy Quilts Co), Studio Member

Yuki Holland (Naisho Supply), Studio Assistant