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Natural Dyeing and Botanical Printing Workshop


Join Kerri Westlake of Westlake Knits & Fibres

Natural Dyeing Basics: Red, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Green

Explore the magic of dyeing with plants! Learn basic techniques that will allow for a lifetime of experimenting with a rainbow of natural colours. We'll be covering all the basics to get you started, including:

~ how to prepare your fibres for best results
~ using mordants and preparing dye baths
~ how different fibres absorb dyes differently
~ how to get multiple colours from one plant

As we learn about the incredible variety of dye plants, you will design and dye your own gorgeous botanically printed scarf (which you get to take home with you!) and see how to dye fibres solid colours. We will also discuss the fascinating history of colour, tips for growing a dye garden, and foraging for local sources of dye that are growing right under our noses.