UK artist Jess Warby

UK artist Jess Warby


Makers, craftspeople, artisans, artists, illustrators and designers are all welcome to apply for a residency at Noble Crafthouse.  You will be provided with dedicated studio and storage space for the duration of your stay.  Located in one of Toronto's last remaining live/work spaces, it's an ideal place to be creative in a bright, airy space while getting to stay on site for the duration of your residency.  

Accommodations for the residency is in our "sleeping nook". This cozy corner of the studio is a small, private room with a double bed and dresser. You will have access to a shared kitchen and bathroom. Residents are welcome to find their own accommodations if they prefer.

Teach a Workshop
Residents have the option to teach a workshop during their stay and retain all workshop fees. The studio has enough seating for up to 20 workshop participants.  While the studio can reach out to our network, residents are responsible for organizing and advertising the workshop.

Residency costs:

  • $480/week

  • -10% for 2 weeks

  • -20% for 3-4 weeks

Residents have 24 hour access to facilities (must be respectful of noise levels between 11pm-7am).


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